Technology has made many things obsolete. Yet, over the last few decades, marketers have been using direct mail very successfully. Statistics show that direct mail has not been replaced by email and digital ads. In some cases, direct mail marketing is even more effective. Here are some reasons why direct mail marketing is so effective:

Consumers are more receptive to direct mail

Customers are now overwhelmed by numerous marketing emails and messages. If you send an email, probably your customers will not take it very seriously. But direct mail has a chance to make a lasting impression on your customers, partly because people do not regularly receive direct mail.

Direct mail is tangible

In this age of digital devices, people have developed the habit of ignoring emails, online ads and text messages. But people do not ignore direct mail so quickly because direct mail has an emotional component because of its tangibility. People can easily recall direct mail. Direct mail makes your customers feel valued.

Direct mail is still appealing

People of all age groups still feel thrilled when they receive direct mail. According to a poll, about 41% of Americans still regularly check their mailbox. Older Americans wait for direct mail more eagerly. Roughly one-third of younger Americans enjoy checking the mailbox. Although Millennials were raised in the era of digital devices, most of them like receiving letters and personal cards.

Direct mail strategy

You will get the best out of the effort if you know how to combine direct mail marketing with a good mail house and by complimenting other advertising outlets with your direct mail. Use direct mail marketing to advertise your products and services, but use text marketing to connect to your audience. If you use bulk SMS to capture clients, you can invite the same clients in the future. 9 out of 10 text messages get read within a couple of minutes. So bulk SMS can help you reach your customers within a short time.

Brand awareness

Yes, digital advertising, bulk SMS and social media can help you build brand awareness, but that does not mean that you should ignore direct mail marketing. Direct mail marketing, in fact, can strengthen your marketing campaign. In this age of email, bulk SMS and online ads, direct mail is more likely to be read. People do not take tangible mail as lightly as text messages, emails and Facebook ads.

Less competition

Ironically, the impact of direct mail has been boosted by technology. People are now bombarded by text messages, emails and Facebook ads, so they have developed a sort of antipathy towards these marketing strategies. Now, the use of paper is less. That is why if they receive something tangible, they are very much likely to pay attention to it. If you use direct mail advertisement, you will have fewer competitors because most companies are using email marketing or other forms of digital marketing.

Mail houses can make the process easier

You will find direct mail marketing very easy if you use a professional mail house. You can enjoy discounted rates. A mail house can save your time and money. They can perform automated mailing, using sophisticated machines. Professional mail houses have experts who can do the job in the perfect way and achieve accurate results.

Direct mail has become sophisticated

Augmented reality, QR codes and SnapTags have made direct mail more sophisticated. Top companies use it as an effective marketing tool. This is a proven marketing strategy that yields amazing results. Direct mail marketing can even be more effective than outdoor advertising, print, TV and radio. Mobile marketing and email marketing can make direct mail marketing more effective.